Welcome on Golfduinzicht


Golf Duinzicht, founded in 1984, is a member of the NGF (Netherlands Golf Federation). The 9-holes golf course is part park and part inland dune-like in character.


This can be seen particularly in the two new holes on the Amonsvlakte, one of which is a par 4 hole. They give the impression that they have been in existence since the club's foundation. In fact they have been in use only since the end of 2010; and since then Golf Duinzicht has the EGA status.


Golf Duinzicht is 'committed to green' and strives to improve its ecological as well as its recreational value. In 2012 Golf Duinzicht was awarded the GEO certificate.



Visitors with GVB (Golf Ability Card) are welcome. The maximum handicap allowed is 54. The maximum combined playing handicap per flight is 100.

The National Golf Passport (Nationale Golfpaspoort) is not accepted.



Golf Duinzicht does not use a reservation system. On busy days it uses a ball rack to determine the starting order.



                            Monday to Sunday           
green fee player       37€     
guest        27€   
green fee player         27€   
guest       22€    
guest under 17 years         7,50€